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St. Gregory the Illuminator’s Sons & Grandsons

July 23rd, 2015    |    1 Comment »

The calendar of the Armenian Church singles out four members of St. Gregory’s family—his two sons, Sts. Arisdagés and Vrtanés, and his grandsons, Sts. Krikoris and Husig—and assigns them a special day of commemoration called “The Feast of the Sons and Grandsons of St. Gregory.”

The day of commemoration (according to the present calendar in force since 1774-75) falls on the Saturday before the Third Sunday of Transfiguration, which this year will be observed on Saturday, July 25.

The descendants of Armenia’s patron saint carried on his missionary work throughout Armenia, helping to cement the nation’s Christian identity. Click on the following links to learn more about the sons and grandsons of St. Gregory.

Arisdagés, the youngest son of St. Gregory, represented the Armenian Church at the Holy Council of Nicaea.

Learn About the Transfiguration on Your iPad

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On Sunday, July 12, the Armenian Church will observe one of its five major feasts: the Feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The observance recalls Christ’s ascent up Mount Tabor, accompanied by his disciples John, James, and Peter. At the mountain’s summit, to the disciple’s frightened amazement, Christ was transfigured in a blinding white light; the Old Testament figures Moses and Elijah emerged from the mists of time to confer with the Lord; and the voice of God boomed from out of the heavens to affirm Jesus as his Son.

Jesus was characteristically reticent about the episode: he urged the disciples not to speak of it. But the gospels recorded it for posterity, and the church—including local Armenian parishes across the Diocese—celebrates it every year.

To learn more about this feast day, download the Diocese’s Transfiguration iBook. It is packed with interactive features, including:

  • Video: watch the story come alive on your screen
  • Music: listen to the hymns of the Transfiguration in a virtual sanctuary
  • Audio: listen to the Transfiguration story in English and Armenian
  • Photo galleries: explore artists’ renderings of the events on Mt. Tabor
  • A “Lexicon” page: learn Armenian words and names associated with this feast day

A version of the book is also available for non-iPad users; click on the following links to view it in your browser or to download a PDF.

A page from the "Transfiguration" book. The book is available for free download on the iPad.

A page from the “Transfiguration” book. The book is available for free download on the iPad.