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A Time for Prayer

January 15th, 2015    |    No Comments »

The New Year is only two weeks old—yet it has already been disfigured by acts of violence that are deeply troubling to peace-loving people. These include the grotesque massacre in Paris, France, and reports of a horrific crime in Gyumri, Armenia. Threading through the period is the ongoing tragedy involving warfare and persecution in the Middle East—which affects our own people, our sister Christian communities, and other religious minorities in the region.

For Armenians, 2015 arrived with its own sorrowful associations: of innocent lives lost, suffering endured, and justice denied. How dispiriting it is, at the dawn of this 100th year since the Armenian Genocide, to be reminded so soon that inhumanity still reigns in this world, despite the superficial advances of the past century.

There are very few words of wisdom or consolation to offer in the face of such dreadful episodes—except for the assurance that our risen Lord knows the sufferings of his children, and will remember them when he establishes his kingdom, where true peace and justice will finally prevail.

It is to him we pray—today and in the days to come—for the souls of the departed, and for an end to the afflictions tormenting our world. In the immortal words of our liturgy: Ungal, getso, yev voghormya; Receive our prayers, save your people, and have mercy.

Hands in prayer at the monastery of Keghart.

Hands in prayer at the monastery of Keghart.