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Faith in Action

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Sitting at the Holy Martyrs’ Sunday School wrap-up meeting discussing the past teaching year and those to come, I could not ignore my strong desire to be a greater part of the entity that makes it all happen. After discussing our ideas, concerns, and plans for our youth in the upcoming Sunday School year, my immediate reaction was to contact Elise Antreassian, the coordinator of Christian Education at the Eastern Diocese, to see if I could be of any help to the Department of Youth and Education over the summer. Today I write as the department’s Christian Education intern, reflecting on the first two weeks of my experience at the Diocese.

Under the mentorship and direction of Ms. Antreassian, the most pressing of my tasks has been the editing of the new curricula texts for grades two and seven. Set to hit the printers at the end of July, the bulk of my time thus far has encompassed checking references to biblical texts, ensuring lesson objectives have been met, and tying all loose strings to perfection. This assignment will be especially rewarding once the texts are completed and used in the fall.

The most challenging of my assignments has been the creation of the first of a series of Bible studies focused on “Living the Gospel of Christ,” this year’s Diocesan theme. The first study has required extensive reflection and research on the message Christ gave His disciples as part of the Sermon on the Mount. Understanding our Lord’s teachings—which call on us to seek humility in attitude and action—is essential to “Living the Gospel of Christ.” God willing, the Bible studies will be helpful to many!

Even though I am just two weeks new, I have already found my internship rewarding, challenging, and fun. Connecting with Anthony Antreasyan and Alex Calikyan, my fellow Holy Martyrs interns, at weekly Bible studies has only enhanced the experience. All in all, my Diocesan internship has been a rewarding experience, and I know as the summer progresses it will continue to be so.

—Heather Skolnick is a summer intern in the Diocese’s Department of Youth and Education


Heather Skolnick prepares a Bible study.