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Feast of the Exaltation: Taking Up the Cross

September 10th, 2010    |    No Comments »

The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross (khachverats) is one of the five great Tabernacle Feasts of our church: the day we honor the Holy Cross by which Christ redeemed the world. The Armenian Church celebrates the feast day on the Sunday closest to September 14—which would be this coming Sunday, September 12.

As Christians living in the 21st century, recalling the rich historical accounts of how the cross was ceremoniously elevated can deepen our appreciation of this most precious symbol of our faith.  As we celebrate the feast day and watch its beautiful ceremonies unfold, we might ponder not only past events, but focus on the meaning of the Cross itself in our present lives.

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Archbishop Khajag Barsamian and Archbishop Yeghishe Gizirian surrounded by altar servers during the "antasdan" service at Holy Cross Church of Washington Heights, NY.

A Note to Our Readers

September 9th, 2010    |    No Comments »

As many of our web visitors learned yesterday, the website of the Eastern Diocese was hacked on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 8. We regret that as a result, people coming to the site expecting to find the peaceful message of the Armenian Church were instead greeted with a message of hate directed at Armenians and Christians in general.  We acted quickly to restore normal operations, and we are thankful that we were able to do so within several hours of the incident.

The admittedly unpleasant situation did have a kind of “silver lining,” however.  In the course of a difficult afternoon, we were extremely touched by the outpouring of concern and support from so many readers, who have come to rely on the Diocese’s website and who visit it frequently in the course of their daily activities. In yesterday’s circumstances, our readers’ kind messages of solidarity were overwhelming—and very much appreciated.

As always, your enthusiasm and goodwill encourage us to do our best for the Armenian Church and its people.  Thanks.