Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center

Background: The Diocese's Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center was established in 1987 through a generous donation from the late Dolores Zohrab Liebmann, one of four children of the great Armenian author and Ottoman parliamentarian Krikor Zohrab and his wife Clara.

Today, the centerpiece of the Zohrab Center is its library of more than 15,000 volumes. The Zohrab Center also organizes lectures on Armenian topics in the New York area, coordinates cultural events with other Manhattan-based cultural institutiobns, and offers research help to scholars, students, and anyone else interested in Armenian topics.

Zohrab Intern Program:
The Zohrab Center opens its doors to college students who serve as interns in the center throughout the year. The interns undertake different responsibilities, including cataloguing the volumes in the Zohrab Center's impressive collection. Other intern tasks include digitizing videos and assisting with research and projects at the Zohrab Center. Hours are flexible

Testimonials from past Zohrab Center interns:

"Working at the Zohrab Center has been one of the highlights of my undergraduate career at Columbia. The Zohrab Center's mission is one that all Armenians should embrace because it teaches the youth to be proud of their heritage." (Markrete Krikorian, a senior at Columbia University studying biology.)

"I like the academic atmosphere and the center's commitment to preserving the community's Armenian intellectual vibrancy. I'll always have a connection to the Zohrab Center one way or another for the rest of my life." (Henrik Dumanian, a junior at Hunter College studying political science and history.)

For information on the Zohrab Center Internship Program, please visit the center's blog, or contact Very Rev. Fr. Daniel Findikyan at or by phone at (212) 686-0710.

Communications Department

The Eastern Diocese's Communications Department in New York welcomes college students interested in assisting with photo, video, and reporting assignments. Interns will also have the opportunity to collect published clips and learn about online communications tools. Hours are flexible.

For information, please call the Diocese at (212) 686-0710, or e-mail

Diocesan Summer Internship Program  

Every year the Eastern Diocese offers eight-week summer internships to Armenian-American college students interested in Christian Education, Finance and Administration, Communications, or research at the Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center. Interns are housed at New York University, and take part in the cultural and social activities organized by the AGBU New York Summer Internship Program. In addition, the Diocesan summer interns meet with area clergy and participate in Bible Study sessions. There is no cost to participate in the program.

For more information, contact Jennifer Moris at