Armenian School Curriculum

The Armenian language and cultural instruction syllabus has been developed by the Diocesan Armenian Studies program for Armenian school students. It is available to all Armenian schools along with assessment tests, report cards, diplomas and certificates, achievement awards, as well as linguistic, conversational , and cultural resources-all available through the Armenian Studies office.

Training and Enrichment

Teacher training and enrichment programs are available for Diocesan Armenian school educators. Workshops, symposia, and lectures are scheduled at the Diocesan Center and also at regional venues for parish Armenian schools. The Armenian School Guidebook encapsulates the core curriculum, methodology, by-laws, linguistic and cultural content, along with guides that will help bridge the gap between what we teach and what our students will learn. The guide can be obtained by contacting the director at

Cultural Enrichment for Teens

The Diocese's Khrimian Lyceum is aimed at adolescents (12-18 years old) who are graduates of Armenian schools and are conversant in the Armenian language. The program offers language studies, lectures, and educational tours in addition to cultural disciplines in the Armenian tradition such as art, theatre, dance, creative writing, music and singing. The program fosters service to the church and civic duty through special internship programs.

The Khrimian Lyceum program is held at the Diocesan Center and in Watertown, Mass. A variant of the program is also held in Detroit, Mich., and in Houston, Texas. For information, please contact