In 2007, the Eastern Diocese launched an ambitious theme under the title, "Church and Home: One in Spirit." Through local parish activities, home blessing ceremonies, and innovative programs and resources developed by the Diocesan Center, the Church and Home theme (which continued through 2008) aimed to reinforce the connection between two vital arenas in every parishioner's life: to make the church a transforming presence in every Armenian household, and to encourage families and individuals to gather together in the sanctuary of the Lord.

One of the many enduring results of the project was the Church and Home website. The website is divided into four sections offering a basic overview of the Armenian Church, the language of the Divine Liturgy, an Armenian alphabet primer, and a series of exercises designed to teach key Armenian words and phrases.

Resources include downloadable worksheets, flashcards, and quizzes, perfect for home and classroom use. Users also have access to sound clips of Armenian Church hymns and a range of other interactive features.

The Church and Home website provides a wealth of online tutorials about the Armenian Christian faith. Click here to visit the website and to learn more.