1. A Month of Sundays: Scripture and Reflections

A month’s worth of weekly verses to be read and reflected upon. Including a commentary on each verse.

2. Answering Questions About Prayer

Guidelines on how to answer questions from children about prayer and some commonly asked questions with possible answers.

3. Evaluating Your Teaching

Some guidelines on how to evaluate your own teaching to help you discover the positives and negatives in your classroom.

4. Gifts For Lent

Ideas on how to help your students celebrate Lent and learn with meaningful gifts the significance of the death and resurrection of Christ.

5. Holy Week Reflections

Bible readings and reflections for every day of Holy Week.

6. Moving Up with your Class

Observations on why moving up with your class each year is not encouraged.

7. Priorities

A poem by Mother Teresa that is engraved on a wall outside the children’s home in Calcutta.

8. Resolutions for a New School Year

A list of suggested resolutions for a new school year.

9. Sunday School Classroom Management

Questions and answers on improving classroom management.

10. Ten commandments for Christmas

How to apply the 10 Commandments to the holidays.

11. What Makes a Teacher Great?

Some examples of what makes a teacher great based on an article from the Children’s Ministry magazine.

12. Winter Bulletin Board

An idea on how to make a winter bulletin board for your classroom.


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