1. A Bible Study on Stewardship (High School-Staff)

A bible study on stewardship with discussion questions.

2. Bible Study on the Parable of the Steward (Staff)

A teacher’s meeting bible study on the Parable of the Steward with questions for group discussions.

3. Bible Exercises: Digging Deeper (Middle – High School)

Four practical approaches to help teens get into the word of God.

4. Bible Quiz: Hairy Tales ( Upper Elementary – High School)

A fun quiz on bible stories involving hair.

5. A Bible Study: Presentation of Jesus to the Temple (Teens – Adults)

A bible study for teens and adults on the presentation of Jesus to the Temple. Includes a breakdown of the Bible passage, a worksheet and discussion ideas for students to create their own story.

6. Scripture Activity on the Last Supper (Elementary Grades)

An activity for students to better understand the Last Supper.

7. Thank You, God (Elementary – Middle School)

A worksheet with references to the Bible and people from the Bible and what they would have been thankful for.


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