1.  I Choose You Pumpkin Patch (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

An activity for students to choose their own pumpkin and decorate them.

2.  Honor Your Parents Mural (Primary Grades)

An activity for students to discuss different ways of honoring their parents and to express their ideas by decorating a mural that symbolizes their own home.

3. Thankful Quilt Bulletin Board (Primary Grades)

An activity for students to make a "quilt" for all the things they are grateful for.

4. Pentecost Snack Activity (Primary Grades)

A "snack" recipe for Pentecost.

5. Scripture Activity Tote Bag (Primary Grades)

An activity creating personalized tote bag for students to help them organize and learn Bible verses.

6. Shoebox Nativity Scene (Primary Grades)

An activity for students to make a nativity scene.

7. Kids' Pix (Primary Grades)

A few ideas on how to use students' pictures for decorations and craft projects.

8. Prayer Wheel (Primary Grades to Elementary)

An activity on creating a prayer wheel for students to use during then Lenten season.

9. Last Supper Word Search (Upper Elementary to High School)

A word search focused on the theme of the Last Supper.

10. Portrait of a Survivor Study Guide (Grade 5 to High School)

A reading and discussion guide for "Portrait of a Survivor."

11. Two by Two-Fill in the Blank (Grade 5 to High School)

Worksheet assignment on identifying biblical and historic figures.

12. Bible Math Figures (Intermediate Grades and Above)

A math puzzle using figures found in the Bible. Using these figures to add, subtract and divide to find final answer in puzzle.

13. Jesus the Failure (Middle and High School)

A discussion on social standards and how Jesus would have measured up to these standards.

14. Getting Good at Church (High School)

A discussion about church involvement of high school students including a worksheet and a discussion guideline.

15. Teaching the Sundays of Advent (All Ages)

A detailed overview of all the Sundays of Advent with instructions for creating a wreath with candles.

16. Advent Activities for the Classroom (All ages)

Three different ideas that students can do in the classroom as ongoing Advent activities.Lenten Praise Activity (Upper Elementary)

17. Lenten Praise Activity (Upper Elementary)

A long-term project during the Lenten season for students to think of items in their own environment and from nature that they would like to thank God for.

18. Christmas Activities (Primary Grades)

Two different activities for Christmas. One is a mini-skit for students to perform and the other is a project on how to make a wreath for the classroom.

19. Giving Thanks (Teens)

A writing and discussion activity for teens to help them discover things and people they are thankful for on a daily basis.Graduation Discussion (High School)

20. Graduation Discussion (High School)

A message and discussion for students about graduation and what they have learned.

21. Lenten Gifts of Love (Middle-High School)

A 6-week long project of giving love as a gift during the Lenten season.

22. About St. Bartholomew (Middle School)

An activity to help students learn about the life of St. Bartholomew and create a poster book of his life story.

23. The Holy Translators (Upper Elementary-High School)

A project on the history of the Holy Translators with different ideas on how to imitate their lifework.

24. Scavenger Hunt for Sunday School Families (All Ages)

A photo scavenger hunt for the whole family to work together, collect and present. Great idea for a church presentation or contest.

25. Take Time To Pray (Elementary School)

An activity for charting daily prayer time for students.

26. Honor Thy Mother-Mother's Day (Grade 3-Middle School)

An activity for Mother's Day and ideas for students to create their own special hand written gift for their mothers.

27. How to be a Smart TV Watcher (Intermediate Grades)

An at-home activity for students to rate the types of TV shows they watch and to help determine what is quality TV time.

28. The Season of the Cross (All Ages)

Various activities for students of all ages on three feats of the cross. Includes a word search and drawing.

29. Thine is the Kingdom: A Skit on the Lord's Prayer (Upper Elementary-High School)

A skit analyzing the Lord's Prayer and how it relates to our daily lives.

30. Christmas Tree Crafts (Intermediate Grades)

Two different ideas for making Christmas tree crafts and Christmas greeting cards.

31. When Jesus Prayed (Teens)

A crossword puzzle exploring the way Jesus prayed.

32. Scripture Activity on the Last Supper (Elementary Grades)

An activity for students to better understand the Last Supper

33. Lenten Pretzel Baking Project (Elementary and above)

A recipe for baking pretzels to celebrate Lent. 


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