The Diocesan Department of Youth and Education offers a number of Parish Programs of Christian Education and Spiritual Growth. 

The Purpose-Driven Church

Intended for: Parish council members, Diocesan delegates, all parish auxiliary leaders
A 4-6 hour seminar or retreat (can be focused either way). Based on Rick Warren's book of the same name, but adapted to the specifics of Armenian parish life, sessions will focus on the why's and how's of purpose-driven planning.

Christian Leadership for a New Millennium

Intended for: Parish council members, Diocesan delegates, all parish auxiliary leaders
A 2-4 hour seminar in new strategies for parish health and growth, basic Christian leadership skills, and the dynamics of cooperative effort.

A Renewed Church

Intended for: All interested parish members
A 2-hour coffee-hour visioning exercise for a parish or fledgling community ready for unflinching self-assessment and forward movement. Members will evaluate assets and challenges and set goals for the future.

The Experience of Worship

Intended for: All interested adults
A 2-5 hour seminar of interactive lectures and hands-on activities with the liturgy book and the Bible designed to help participants become active worshippers in conversation with God and one another. Can be geared to specific topics of interest, e.g. The Liturgy of the Word, The Eucharist, The People of God at Prayer (a general overview).

Scripture Seminar

Intended for: All interested adults
A 2-5 hour seminar of lecture, Bible study and "up-close and personal" encounters with our holiest book-the Bible. Seminar topics can be specifically designed for a parish's needs; sample seminar titles include: The Gospel of Matthew, The New Testament, The Old Testament, St. Paul: The 13th Apostle, The Word of God: An Overview; Women of the Bible; Great Stories and Great People: The Bible and Life.

Focus on Teachers: Building a School

Intended for: Sunday School teachers and staff; volunteers ready to launch a new school
A 2-5 hour seminar for seasoned as well as new teachers that is tailored to your community's needs. Presentation topics will cover lesson planning, how to build a curriculum from the textbook up, how to engage parents and community, teen resources, the student-centered classroom, dynamic teaching tips, etc.

Focus on Teachers: Faith Fundamentals

Intended for: Sunday School teachers and staff
A 2-5 hour seminar on the faith of the Armenian Church, addressing such questions as: What do we believe as Armenian Christians? How do we read Scripture? How do we understand the life and teachings of Jesus Christ? What is the Church? What is the purpose of the Divine Liturgy? Emphasis can be tailored to the needs of individual parish Sunday School staffs. Also featured is a session on basic teaching principles.

A Day of Spiritual Reflection: Parish-Wide/Women/Men/Families

Intended for: All interested adults
A day of close encounter with our own faith, doubts, questions and certainties. Interspersed with the warm fellowship of simply being together and breaking bread, features interactive lectures, Bible study, DVD presentations and discussion. Tailor-made topics such as Impacting Our World: Faith in Action; The Holy Spirit: At Work in the Lives of Women; A Living Faith: What Do I Do Come Monday Morning?; Prayer: A Way of Life; Searching Faith: Is It Okay to Doubt? Faith Development: How Do Souls Grow?

Christian Parenting

Intended for: Parents of school-age children
A 2-3 hour workshop exploring parenting from the perspective of Biblical principles, Armenian Church tradition, and 21st-century family life.

Marriage: Growing Together in Christ

Intended for: Couples
A 2-5 hour seminar of lectures, video and discussion, and skits designed to explore the challenges and joys of married life in the Armenian Christian context.

Let's Talk: An Intergenerational Retreat

Intended for: Parents and their children 13-17 years of age
A 2-hour morning or evening retreat designed to nurture communication between parents and junior or senior high teens. Lecture, discussion, and games.

For information on any of these parish programs, contact Elise Antreassian, coordinator of Christian Education in the Department of Youth and Education
Tel: (212) 686-0710, ext. 157; E-mail: