The end goal of Christian education for anyone of any age is a fullness of life found in Christ supported and enriched by fellowship and worship in the Armenian Church. Towards that end, the continuing task of the Department of Christian Education is to help the faithful answer basic questions of Armenian Christianity: Who is Jesus Christ? How do we come to know the Lord through the familiar and life-giving traditions of the Armenian Church? How are our lives transformed by that knowledge?


The DCE produces the curriculum used in Sunday Schools and offers workshops in teacher education, leadership principles, and Armenian Christian literacy. Books and materials produced for educators and lay people include seasonal resources (Lent/Advent activities) for families, translations of Armenian theological, historical, and devotional work, prayer journals, topical studies, children's story books, and worship resources; most are available through the St. Vartan Bookstore.


The Department also coordinates teacher training and superintendent associations and attends to school-related matters such as graduation, the annual Lenten Drive, back-to-school information, a School directory, seasonal communication, and the weekly Scripture and Feast Day memo. It offers retreats in spiritual formation for women, mixed groups, intergenerational, and couples; issues program awards manuals for Scouts; and represents the Armenian Church in ecumenical relations.