Armenian Genocide Resources

Our Church Our Legacy Endowment Campaign

Help us secure the future of the Armenian Church in North America for years to come. The Our Church Our Legacy campaign is seeking to raise a permanent endowment whose annual distributions will help support programs that directly support the local parishes and help secure the presence of the Diocese in North America. We already have the backing of major donors in our quest for $15 million. Join us at whatever level you can to be part of this lasting group effort.

Armenian Genocide Resources

Armenian Genocide Centennial

2015 marks the 100th year of remembrance of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Local churches and communities will be observing the milestone throughout the year.

Annual Appeal

Help spread the good work of the Armenian Church across the generations, and across our local communities. The Annual Appeal supports the many Diocesan ministries that benefit our parishes and enrich spiritual life. Your generosity will make a real difference in our mission.

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Become a Priest or Deacon

Do you feel that God might be calling you to a greater service in His church? The Eastern Diocese is ready to offer you guidance and information on how to respond to that call.

Become a Priest or Deacon

Join a Parish

Interested in joining a vibrant community of faith, with a centuries-old heritage of worship and service to our Lord? The Eastern Diocese is home to over 60 parishes and church communities, in 21 states. Connect with one close to you, and start putting your faith into action.


Find a Local Event

Looking for a way to connect with fellow church members in a social or cultural setting? Find church events in your area on our Diocese-wide Calendar of Events listing. 


Build a Mission Parish

Are you part of a small Armenian-American community that has plenty of vitality and enthusiasm, but no organized church? Let the Eastern Diocese help you build a Mission Parish in your area—and start bringing your community together for regular worship and cultural events.

Build a Mission Parish

How You Can Get Involved

Enthused about helping the Armenian Church, but don't know where to begin? Here are 33 ideas for strengthening your church—and enriching your faith experience.

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