The Eastern Diocese has launched its 2016 Annual Appeal—the only Diocesan-wide fundraiser conducted each year to help the Diocese undertake the many ministries, programs, and resources that enrich life in our parishes.

For Armenians throughout the Eastern Diocese, the Armenian Church is where we turn for spiritual strength. Our ancient faith—which has overcome war, dispersion, and genocide—is a source of peace and renewal found nowhere else. Our living faith is what connects the entire family of Armenians together—across the world, and across history. 

In the same way, our Diocese is what connects our vital Armenian parishes. It unites our people, makes our communities spiritually strong, and magnifies our influence and prestige in the larger society.

This all happens thanks to the generosity of people like you. We are deeply grateful for the heartfelt support we receive each year, contributed by Armenians from all walks of life who seek to strengthen the Diocese's educational and inspirational outreach programs.

Your generosity allows us to maintain and expand our vital ministries involving Christian education, Bible study, Armenian language, summer camps, youth outreach, mission parishes, and advanced technologies for communication and instruction. These Diocesan initiatives inspire and benefit each and every local parish. 

Your thoughtful gift helps us inspire youthful hearts, guide budding families, honor the legacy of our elders.  Above all, it helps our church shine the Light of Christ throughout our local communities. 

Please accept this invitation to strengthen our efforts through the 2016 Annual Appeal. Your support can make all the difference—to educators and youth workers, to our dedicated staff in New York and church leaders across the country. Your generous contribution ensures the preservation of the Armenian Christian legacy across generations.