Badarak Resources

The following is a list of some of the numerous resources available to help you make the beauty and majesty of the badarak vital to your Armenian family. 

For more information on how to borrow or purchase any of the resources listed below, please call us at (212) 686-0710 or email us.

Resources from the Armenian Language Lab and Resource Center

Yegueghetseen Haygagan: In this book, an angel instructs what an Armenian family should do on Sunday mornings.

The Armenian and His Faith. In Armenian and English, this book for teens and adults, teaches how to read and write in Armenian. It outlines the Armenian faith and traditions, by choosing key words in Armenian from the Bible and Armenian Church traditions.

Looyss Ee Loosoh. These 12 booklets cover religion, church, faith, badarak, vessels, vestments, and differences with other churches.

Aravod Loossoh. The Armenian alphabet is presented in this book along with a biography of St. Nersess Shnorhali, prayers, and song lyrics. Games, such as dominos and puzzles, challenge students to match English and Armenian to help teach the language.

Resources from the Department of Religious Education

Bless, O Lord: Services of Blessing in the Armenian Church. This book contains commentary and text of 15 of the most meaningful services of blessing in the Armenian Church, including blessing of water, grapes, the home, madagh, and the four corners.

Commentary on the Divine Liturgy. Written in the 10th century by Khosrov of Antzevatzi, father of St. Gregory of Narek, this remains the oldest commentary on the Armenian Divine Liturgy and has served as a sourcebook for the ones that followed.  It has been translated into English.

The Common Liturgy. A one-hour English translation of the Divine Liturgy, this book helps enhance the meaning of the badarak with accessible language. This service is approved for camp settings, retreats, and any day when an English language liturgy is desired.

A Dictionary of the Armenian Church. This English translation is a treasure chest of information on feasts, vessels, and vestments, and all aspects of the liturgical service.

The Sacraments: The Symbols of Our Faith. For the first time, this publication translates into English all seven sacraments of the Armenian Church in one book.  It also features commentaries on each of the sacraments.

Vestments Doll. Measuring 15 inches tall, the doll is fully vested in hand-made, detachable mini vestments.  It serves as a hands-on visual aid to the symbolic power and beauty of the vestments of the church.  The doll comes with a packet of materials, including a user's guide, brief history of the vestments, teaching ideas, and games, and puzzles related to vestments.

Family Worship Sunday. This set of ready-made flyers and materials allows parishes to conduct their own "Family Worship Sunday." Through the program, families involve themselves in both traditional and innovative ways in the Sunday liturgy.

Resources from the Department of Youth Ministry

Holy Marriage: Holy Gospel and Chalice. This book discusses Holy Marriage. It was prepared by Fr. Arsen Barsamian in cooperation with the Department of Youth Ministry.

Resources from the Zohrab Information Center

Videos available for viewing include services held in the St. Vartan Cathedral since the tenure of Archbishop Torkom Manoogian, services held in various parishes, services held in Holy Etchmiadzin, and educational programs hosted by the Diocese.

Audio tapes available include services from earlier decades and special occasions and religious holidays.

Various editions of the Divine Liturgy's musical scores are available, including Ekmalean and Komitas.

Srbazan Pataragamatoytsk Hayots. Written by Fr. Hovsep Gatrchean, this is a large compilation of the different texts of the liturgies used among the Armenians since the 5th century.  It was published in Vienna in 1897 and served as the basic source for Archbishop Tiran Nersoyan's translations.

Commentary on the Divine Liturgy . The text and translation of Bishop Khosrov Andzevatsi's 10th-century book.

Commentary on the Divine Liturgy.  This 12th-century book is the French translation of Archbishop Nerses Lambronatsi's work.

Resources from St. Vartan Bookstore

Yerketzoghootiunk Surpo Badaraki, by Vartan Sarksyan

Komitas Vartabed, by Magar Yegmalian

An Explanation of The Deacon's Guidebook by Archbishop Torkom Manoogian

The Sources of our Faith, by Valerie Goekjian Zahirsky

The Sacred Music and Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Apostolic Church, by Fr. Yaralian

Armenian Easter Hymns, a CD recording by Fr. Mesrob Benlian

Magar Yegmalian Badarak, a CD recording by H. Tchekidjian

Armenian Organ Mass, a CD recording by Berdj Kamkochian