Whether you are a fellow Armenian, a fellow Christian, or one of our neighbors from around the globe, I want to welcome you to the Web site of  the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern).  I know you will find the information on this site useful and I hope it will guide you  along your spiritual journey.

We are a proud community, though dispersed throughout this great country.  From Texas to Cape Cod, Armenians in our Diocese are looking for ways to strengthen their faith and to make the Armenian Church more vital and integral to their daily lives.  This Web site has many special resources  that I know will benefit us all, such as a daily Bible reading, a page to submit prayer requests, and a directory of our parishes so you can find a Church close to your home.

The Internet is the great tool of the new century, and it is our hope that the Diocese can use it to spread the centuries of knowledge and wisdom  contained in our teachings.  In today's society, the computer can be just another way to spread the Light of St. Gregory.

With prayers,

Archbishop Khajag Barsamian

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