Throughout the Diocese, lay members assume critical leadership roles at all levels of the church. From organizing events at a parish to giving direction to the entire Diocese, the Diocese needs the talent and support of its laity.

Side-by-side with our clergy, lay people hold vital leadership positions on three of the highest administrative bodies in the Eastern Diocese: the Diocesan Council, the Board of Trustees, and the Diocesan Assembly. Individuals from local parishes throughout the jurisdiction are elected to these positions by their peers, to take active roles in shaping the future of our Diocese. 

Diocesan Mission Statement

The mission of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church is to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and to proclaim its message of salvation. This mission is realized through worship, education, witness, service, and the common life in Christ as expressed in the distinctive faith-experience of the Armenian people. All members of the Armenian Church—both clergy and lay—are called to participate fully in its mission.

The Diocesan Bylaws

The Eastern Diocese is governed by a set of bylaws, detailing spheres of jurisdiction and organization; the duties of the Primate, Board of Trustees, Diocesan Council, Diocesan Assembly, clergy, auditing committee, parish council, and parish assemblies; and other general provisions. Currently, the Bylaws is comprised of 101 articles.

A process of amendment to the Bylaws is available through the Diocesan Assembly; any amendments must be approved by His Holiness, the Catholicos of All Armenians.

A PDF copy of the Diocesan Bylaws can be downloaded by clicking here

Diocesan Documents

A number of documents are available for download to Diocesan delegates, Parish Council chairs, and clergy. Click here to access these documents using your login e-mail and password.