The Power of Investing as a Community

The Armenian Church Endowment Fund (ACEF) is an independent non-profit that supports parishes and individuals who are creating a legacy through endowments. ACEF encourages these parishes and individuals to make long-term investment planning an everyday practice, and helps them maximize financial returns by investing as a community.

An Endowment is a Promise: An endowment is a promise that a parish will always have sufficient operating funds, that a youth program will pass on our traditions generation after generation, that a new building will always be maintained, or that a local food pantry will never go empty. The principal of an endowment is not spent, and the beneficiary receives a specified income.

Ensure Your Legacy: If you care passionately about your parish or a specific church program, creating an endowment will support it in perpetuity. The principal of the endowment will grow over time, and the income must always be used to fulfill your wishes.

ACEF can advise individuals and parishes to make sure that each endowment is properly set up and that it will always serve the designated beneficiaries.

To learn more about endowments and the Armenian Church Endowment Fund, contact Berjouhi Saladin. Click here to e-mail Berjouhi Saladin, or call (212) 686-0710, ext.134.

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