Feast of the Holy Translators

Activities to Do with Your Children

Teach your kids about the translators.  Help them understand the importance of communication and faith through one of these activities.

  • Be today's translators.  Write a brief explanation of a Bible story, one of the sacraments, or other aspect of church life.
  • Write a poem on faith, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or any other part of our faith.  Have them describe how their faith affects them.
  • Translate a short paragraph of the Bible from English into Armenian, or vice versa.
  • Write a parish or family history.
  • Visit other Christian places of worship.  Discuss similarities and differences.  Try to learn more from other sources.
  • Explain the meaning of a Badarak hymn to a younger kid.
  • Teach others about the Armenian faith.

Songs for Holy Translators Day

Hear the songs and download PDF files:

The Holy Translators


Download PDF file: Page 1 (316 K) | Page 2 (200 K)

The Golden Era


Download PDF file: Page 1 (236 K) | Page 2 (200 K)

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