The Armenian people and the Armenian Church have survived and thrived for more than 1700 years. Our history tells our story of struggle, success, sorrow, and most of all survival. Our culture—our language, special musical traditions, and faith—are so precious to our community and to each of our hearts. Our many wonderful traditions continue to be handed down from parent to child.

Many of us, our parents, grandparents or an even earlier generation journeyed to America to enjoy our religious freedom in this land and to help build the freedoms and prosperity enjoyed in the U.S.

The Diocese works to preserve and perpetuate our rich heritage.

For more than 1700 years, Armenians have held strong to their Christian faith. Armenians have survived invasions, dictatorships, and even the genocide. In recent years we have had the privilege of watching Armenia become an independent nation once again. We have also witnessed a true spiritual revival.

As Armenian communities have grown in the United States and on every continent in the last century, Armenians continue to hold fast to the core beliefs and rich cultural heritage that began in Armenia. The Diocese works to both preserve and enhance all that the Lord has blessed us with and that our forbearers have worked so hard to give to each of us.